“Together, with Sherry’s professional guidance, my wife and I have learned how to respect each other’s needs. It has saved our marriage and we are beginning to believe in us again. I didn’t think that could happen.”

Marriage & FamilyTM

“Counseling with Sherry has helped me to be more patient, have more clarity, learn how to treat my wife & interact positively by dealing with my AD/HD better. Counseling made me understand my own disorder. It helped me recognize how my behavior impacted my relationships and ways to change how I approach my wife. It’s helped me think more clearly and deal with impulsivity.”


“Sherry’s humor, compassion and hopeful dialogue make for an exciting experience.”

Marriage & FamilyJW

“From the first time I came to Sherry’s office, I felt accepted and supported, as well as compassion and hope that things could get better. Her therapy helped me to see that I had positives, something to offer-rather that everything negative. She helped me learn to set goals. There was a spiritual component that you don’t usually get with most therapists. Sherry helped me through the rough times. After all these years learning I have AD/HD- my roller coaster life made sense – however, it was a positive step rather than continually spinning wheels. Best thing – June 29 – was the day I was diagnosed and gained self acceptance, self respect and hope.”


“Marital counseling with Sherry opened up much needed dialogues between us – the diagnosis of adult AD/HD explained what was happening – however, we learned not to use it as a crutch.”

Marriage & Family, AD/HDKJ

“Sherry’s expertise lies in her ability to help us build a stronger self-esteem, a greater confidence in our abilities and in providing proactive techniques for positive changes in our lives by eliminating negative thought patterns and providing a “You Can Do It” attitude. Sherry is an amazing cheerleader for all of us as we explore ways to live a happier and healthier life.”


“Well worth the time and money, if you are serious about being in a successful relationship.”

Marriage & RelationshipAH

“Thank you again for your assistance, counseling, guidance, coaching and sincere advice. The many caring conversations you had with me were extremely meaningful.”


“Learned about myself, gained self confidence.”

Conscious DatingRT

“Learned how to be really ready to date – my eyes are open.”

Conscious DatingJA

“Neither of us wanted to go. We both thought it was the step before the end. But we went. We spoke our minds, and somehow we learned through Sherry’s guidance to communicate safely. That led to something quite unexpected, and we continue to work on that.

Marriage & RelationshipCT

“Sherry helped us learn how to respect each other. People do change, if they have the courage to walk through the door. The first step through the door is the hardest part. After that, recovery is just around the corner. I thought our marriage was over. But we both knew, that out of respect for our vows, we were supposed to try everything. We agreed to see Sherry, and after just one session we learned more about ourselves than we had in seven years of marriage. That has made all the difference.”

Marriage & RelationshipCM

“Fun to meet other singles wanting to be more conscious in their dating.”

Conscious DatingAM

“Highly recommend for others to come and learn.”

Conscious DatingBR

“Together, with Sherry’s professional guidance, my wife and I have learned how to respect each other’s needs. It has saved our marriage and we are beginning to believe in us again. I didn’t think that could happen.”

Marriage & RelationshipTM

“Sherry has shown us how to fall in love again. In uncertain times in our relationship she provided us with the tools to rebuild our love for one another and help build stronger family values. Her insight, thoughtfulness and compassion provided a new foundation for our marriage and family. We could not imagine that our relationship of 14 years would be stronger today than ever!”

Marriage & RelationshipLS

“I think you did a great job with us, you got to the core of things in a respectful, non-threatening way. Thank you for caring about us.”

Marriage & RelationshipCS

“It’s dating insurance for singles.”

Conscious DatingSR

“Sherry’s insights and experience with people from all walks of life have been invaluable to us.  Her professionalism, discretion, positive attitude and completely non-judgmental approach make her an outstanding business coach.  Sherry is the right person to help guide you through whatever challenges you are facing.”

Business Coaching

“Sherry Clarke has done an excellent job of maintaining a calm and caring rapport even while in the center of conflict between others. I respect her wisdom, mindset, and energy. Her insightful guidance has been a stabilizing and positive influence that continues to help me both professionally and personally.”

Business Coaching

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