Business Coaching

With over 25 years’ experience working with individuals, couples and families around settling conflicts, better communication and negotiation, and healing interpersonal relationships, Sherry has expanded her practice to include working with companies, co-workers, CEO’s, and support staff.  She emphasizes team building and work/life balance. Her positive attitude and training encourage growth and enriching the work environment. She and her partner, Jonathan Rhoades, international motivational speaker and business coach, bring experiential seminars to your work place to assist you in aligning company culture with your vision and goals.

Testimonials from Company Executives:

“Sherry’s insights and experience with people from all walks of life have been invaluable to us.  Her professionalism, discretion, positive attitude and completely non-judgmental approach make her an outstanding business coach.  Sherry is the right person to help guide you through whatever challenges you are facing.”

“Sherry Clarke has done an excellent job of maintaining a calm and caring rapport even while in the center of conflict between others. I respect her wisdom, mindset, and energy. Her insightful guidance has been a stabilizing and positive influence that continues to help me both professionally and personally.”