Core Purpose and Values

I believe most people have the power within themselves to create a balanced, and thus fulfilled, life. They sometimes need an outside “catalyst” such as a coach or therapist to help that happen. My goal is to empower people with the tools and skills needed to learn, grow, and heal; therefore, achieving a life of purpose, contribution and peace.

I accomplish this by attentively listening to my clients with both my heart and my mind. In addition, I access both my own life experiences and my professional training to encourage and support personal growth and healing in my clients.

My areas of expertise include Conscious Dating, AD/HD Life Coaching, and Marriage and Family Therapy, business coaching and public speaking in each of these areas.

With over 25-years of professional experience, and as the mother of six adult children and twelve grandchildren, I passionately value the human experience. My professional services yield positive results because I sincerely care about people and their overall well-being and actively promote the healing process. Clients often state: “Sherry, you give us hope and a new lease on life. We are grateful for our progress because of your support and guidance.”